Doc Orion

A Star Citizen...

Who am i?

I’m an experienced professional based in Grim Hex. My work is focused on solving crime, catching criminals, saving small animals, drinking and making a significant impact crater where it usually doesn’t belong. 

I possess a strong will, an eye for detail and an invincible liver. 

I thrive independently as well as in a team environment. 

I am generally pretty copesetic, optimistic, and well received in large groups of different denominations due to my keen sense of being able to keep my mouth shut.


if your group requires a Narcisitic, intoxicated scoundrel of a washed up pet detective with an itchy trigger finger. 

Look no further!

I am your guy! thats me!


I will Pursues Suspects from one end of a star system and back again...


Crime investigation, collecting evidence, and locating suspects. Often assigned to no particular crime, but has experience with homicide and narcotics busts. Will use deductive reasoning, and investigative skills to solve crimes.

Bounty Hunter

Responsible for bringing in wanted criminals. This includes locating the criminal, securing the warrant, and bringing them in alive, if possible, but usually dead.  Mostly Dead. This is a dangerous job with a high mortality rate.

Day Drinker

Responsible for drinking alcohol. This includes managing the consumption of alcohol throughout the Alcoholic Lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing alcohol and defining the drinking vision, and working closely with alcohol, to deliver winning moments until satisfaction goals are met.

Cat Owner

Responsible for three cats. . . . yeah i am that guy. . . .


For any inquiries please contact

Spectrum: Doc Orion@Doc_Orion

Discord: Doc Orion = doc_orion

I'm part of: